Leads and potential leads:

1) Find Eliphelet bin’M’ke to discover what they could about the group that had attacked Maarham
2) Find Taxma and discover what his apprentices were up to and why they were apparently allied with a Kuotagha
3) Find Nanda Shatri and determine if she was Veiled Alliance, or what she knew about her former Night Runner Assassin guest, who had apparently been one of the ones who had killed Padme Shuja
4) Find out what the dead Queen Sielba was up to, and whether Padme’s soul could be recovered from the “Soul Dedication” rite that Jia had apparently performed. They speculated that they may need to cash in Dhaara’s vouchers for one “favor” from Dregoth himself.

Six clans:
Dark Moon – Assassination
Lone Moon – Thievery and laundering
Full Moon – Muscle for hire
Half Moon – Forbidden magic
Quarter Moon – Caravan raiding
New Moon – Espionage

- Agar Stel, his wife, and the book. Stel is leaving in a caravan for Urik with an artifact: a book with the mind of an insane psion inside. Agar Stel is a pyrokinetic and was killed in a raid on his caravan to Urik to sell a psionic artifact; his body was carried off by the Night Runners, possibly to keep resurrection in their back pocket.
- Agar Stel is/was secretly a templar of Hamanu, which is a pretty severe breach of protocol on the part of Urik.
- Liese Stel stole this book from the Yellow Monastery. These monks are ‘traditional’ psionicists, using a master-pupil relationship to transmit their arts rather than the ‘university’ model that’s more common these days.
- Ismail and Liese share much of the same body language and quirks; not enough for them to be the same person, but more than you’d expect from lovers. They’re both powerful telepaths, so maybe that’s it? (That is totally not it.)
- The Yellow Monastery is terrifying. Liese Stel is, by the associative property, also terrifying.

- The Night Runners were willing to devote considerable resources to the Stel job; multiple clan coordination and not-cheap rituals. Yet Ismail feels he’s the one getting screwed…

- Stel’s wife, Liese, has suspiciously strong telepathic defenses and may in fact be the de facto head of household. Also, her children are too old to be either Ismail’s or Agar Stel’s if their associations began according to the public story. Something may be fishy here.

- The Red Crescents are a band of mercenaries associated with House Maarham that we can use as convenient scapegoats.

- One group of the Night Runners is using a defunct temple of Badna in Ascetic Row as a base.
There’s a group of underground Badna worshippers using it and the adjacent estate as a safe house. They’re contracting out to the Night Runners for protection. They have periodic meetings.

- Another is based out of the Ghost City. We can contact AkuNu Dark Moon there by finding the woman Nadia and telling her that the moon will be dark in a few days. He took some shit for a deal gone bad in Nibenay and might be a sell-out.

- The leader of the Night Runners is named HuKaa New Moon.

- The leaders of the Night Runners never gather in a group; they ‘meet’ through magical means, and have a complicated system of message drops. Their system is sophisticated enough to allow at least three clans to coordinate on the House Stel job.

- There are two pieces to the Night Runner communication ritual. There’s a (psionic) ritual Ismail invented which can attune a set of objects (usually small, uninteresting stones) such that a Sending can be made to everyone who has a stone. This lets the Night Runners transmit messages much more quickly than the previous arcane methods that were used and is primarily responsible for the ascendance of the New Moon clan, who controls this, over the Quarter Moon clan who previously handled communications and was the primary clan. The second piece is a set of call-and-response passwords to ensure that the stones are being held by the right people. These are transmitted by more mundane means. Crack both of these systems and their ability to communicate is severely compromised, but we’d need to get both pieces quickly and then somehow weaponize this.
- ALaa New Moon, who hangs out in the Garden of Benevolence, is ostensibly willing to work with us in our smuggler guises. She has access to ritual stones.

- The Dark Moons, at least, have identifying tattoos. We found a circle tattoo on the heel of one of the Dark Moon assassins at the Stel compound.

- The Sky Singers are considering pulling up stakes and getting out of Raam altogether. They’re also known to be cranky with the Night Runners after getting blamed for some drama in Nibenay and might be possible sell-outs.
- Also unhappy with the Night Runners: the Fire Dancers. Alekel may have started turning them against the Night Runners as well.

- House Maarham allegedly has a deal with the Khayal for protection.

- Khalid Hanafi, Najaf and Shahzadi’s maternal grandfather, is now a Kaisharga in service to Dregoth in exchange for protection for the rest of his house.

- Najaf ate a brain. House Maarham’s vizier, who is in some way psionic, told Najaf (but not the rest of the party) that something from Giustenal may have taken up residence in his mind. And that he should probably not eat any more brains.

- The market for specialty slaves is doing a brisk business. Things are looking up for the wealthy classes in Raam.

The smuggling company:
Najaf – Jakk, a half-elf of Shialha lineage
Shahzadi – Nagamani
Dharra – Rizana
Queri-Sed – Tov-Kiyor
…I totally didn’t write down everyone’s. Fix this later.


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