The Reign of Dregoth

A Dark Sun D&D 4th ed. Campaign

Dregoth the undead sorcerer-king has conquered Raam. He has established order in a city that has known little more than anarchy for centuries. His position is still precarious however. The other sorcerer-monarchs who joined forces to slay him so long ago are watching him carefully. He cannot move against them directly and so he requires competent underlings… spies, diplomats, soldiers… to prosecute his interests within the walls of Raam and without.

In the course of my previous Dark Sun campaigns, things in Athas have changed somewhat from the situation in the Dark Sun campaign setting. Furthermore, my campaigns explicitly rejected the published history of Athas as developed in the AD&D Revised boxed set and the novels. I liked the mystery established by the original boxed set and therefore sought to preserve some of it by creating my own, long-lost history of Athas and permitting my players to discover it, piece by piece, over the course of multiple campaigns.

D&D 4e’s revitalization of the setting has also gone back to the basic themes as expressed in that original boxed set. I am therefore quite excited to return to Athas.

The Reign of Dregoth

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