The World of Athas

Changes from the Book

Races: The Dray are a very recent phenomenon. Dregoth sent them forth from Giustenal as spies and missionaries for the “Cult of the Dragon,” cloaked and shrouded, and only with his conquest of Raam have they begun living openly and spreading through the Seven Cities. Outside of Raam, they are still quite few and far between.

Raam: As elaborated upon in greater detail elsewhere, the near-anarchic city-state of Raam has been conquered by Dregoth, the undead Dragon King. Abalach-Re fled and was rumored to be briefly harbored by the Shadow King of Nibenay. Having her city taken away seemed to revitalize her interest the world. She set off to rebuild the ruined city-state of Kalidnay far to the south-west.

Nibenay: The Shadow King has entered an even deeper occlusion than usual. This time, however, he has explicitly left the day-to-day rule of his city to a regent, his First Consort Inanna. There is something clearly unnatural about Inanna. Even Siemhouk, the King’s former favorite, walks carefully around her. The King also renewed ancient pacts with the noble houses, who now sit on a “Council of Nobles” that has legislative power in the city.

Tyr: King Kalak of Tyr has just fallen under mysterious circumstances that do not match those outlined in the book. His city is in the early throes of its freedom, a situation that is hardly guaranteed to last.

Kalidnay: The ruins of Kalidnay have been resettled by the Sorcerer-Queen Abalach-Re supported by dynastic merchant houses Shom and Mareneth of Celik, along with tribes of Elves, Thri-Kreen, and Gith. The various races live in uneasy harmony enforced by the undead hand of the ancient law codes of the empire that lies beneath the sands. Abalach-Re herself has ceased making public appearances, but the nascent city is publicly ruled by a triumverate: Taxma the High Arcanist, Taros the General of Blood, and Jaran the Law Giver.

The World of Athas

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