Optional Rules:
The following optional rules from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting are in use:

  • Fixed Enhancement Bonuses (p. 209): To summarize, you get free enhancement bonuses to attack, damage, defenses, and crit damage as you level.
  • Reckless Breakage (p. 122): To summarize, when you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll you may choose to reroll the attack but your non-metal weapon breaks. Metal weapons break only on a 5 or lower on the reroll.

Psionics play a large role in Dark Sun, but 4th edition lumps understanding of the psionic arts under the “Arcana” skill. Therefore, the following rules are in effect for this game:

  • Characters of the Arcane power source have a -5 penalty to Arcana checks when encountering Psionic effects and vice versa.
  • Arcana-based rituals are tagged as either “Arcane” or “Psionic.” Often there are equivalent rituals for both types, but some rituals are more thematically appropriate for one or another.
  • Arcane characters count as being five levels lower when attempting to learn Psionic rituals and vice versa.
  • Arcane characters suffer a -5 penalty to the Arcana check to cast Psionic rituals and vice versa.

Resurrection magic is not unknown, but it is more difficult and more expensive. The gray does not give up its bounty easily.

  • Any ritual that raises a dead creature back to life costs double the listed component cost.
  • Such rituals are also one level higher

New Ritual:
Sending Network
Level 15 (Arcana)(Psionic)
Component Cost: 1,000gp + Focus
Casting Time: 1 hour
Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: 24 Hours (special)

You bind yourself to up to seven unassuming stones properly prepared with arcane unguents worth 500gp each (the foci). For the next 24 hours, you can use the Sending ritual, subject to all of that ritual’s requirements and limitations, to every person holding one of these stones simultaneously without further component cost. Such sendings take ten minutes and have range limited as per Sending. Each Sending goes to all holders of all stones bound in the initial ritual (no picking and choosing), but responses from the stone-holders may differ. This ritual lasts for 24 hours, but the ritual caster may extend it by spending a healing surge every 24 hours. If the ritual is maintained for more than a year and a day, the effect becomes permanent. If the ritual caster is maintaining multiple networks, they may choose to send a message to one or more or all of them.


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