Character Creation

You should consider the following when developing a concept:

  • Dregoth has ruled Raam for only a year. Why should he trust you?
  • Raam has an ancient culture, highly stratified. What is your caste?
  • Do you really believe that serving an ancient, undead, arguably insane overlord is the right thing to do? What motivates you? Greed for rewards? Ambition? Simple pragmatism?
  • You will be expected to work as a team. Do you have “people skills” or are you going to have a problem working with others?
  • Do you have any existing enemies? Any friends?

Dark Sun Rules:

  • I am using “Fixed Enhancement Bonuses” (Dark Sun Campaign Setting p. 209).
  • I am using “Themes.”
    • “Elemental Priest” and “Primal Guardian” themes are discouraged. “Veiled Alliance” will be extremely risky.
    • “Gladiator,” “Noble Adept” and “Templar” themes will have certain benefits (see starting equipment below).

Starting Level:
Characters start with 26,000 XP, which is 11th level.

After game-play has begun, new characters start with the same amount of total XP as the other characters in the game, which is tallied in the “Adventure Log” tab.

Starting Ability Scores:
Characters start with the standard point-buy model used in the Character Builder

Non “Dark Sun” backgrounds are permitted only with DM approval.

Races Allowed:
Dregoth is a very racist being. In his eyes, humans are absolutely the superior race… except of course for the species he created in his own image, the Dray, which have most-favored status. Some other races, such as those bred specifically for slavery with a base human stock, or for that matter, undead, are deemed useful pawns as well. Your race will have some impact on your starting equipment. Races are divided into “Favored”, “Unfavored”, and “Disallowed” as follows:


  • Dray (Dragonborn)
  • Human
  • Half Giant (Goliath)
  • Mul
  • Revenant (or other undead) of Any Favored or Unfavored race


  • Dwarf
  • Eladrin
  • Elf
  • Half-Elf
  • Halfling
  • Thri-Kreen


  • All other races

Classes Allowed:
Any Class of the following Power Source is permitted:

  • Arcane
  • Martial
  • Psionic

Not Permitted:

  • Hybrid Classes

Primal Classes or D&D Essentials Classes MAY be permitted with an exceptional pitch to the DM, but may come with some serious in-game ramifications.

As cheesy and overpowered as some of the Essentials feats are, I’m not going to exclude them from selection.

Starting Equipment:

  • “Favored” Races begin play with:
    • one 12th level item
    • one 11th level item
    • one 10th level item
    • the boon “Plague of the Dragon’s Altar” at Level 13
    • 5000 ceramic pieces
  • “Disfavored” Races begin play with:
    • one 11th level item
    • one 10th level item
    • the boon “Plague of the Dragon’s Altar” at Level 3
    • 3000 ceramic pieces
  • Characters with the “Gladiator” theme are deemed to have caught Dregoth’s eye through exceptional performance and begin play with:
    • the boon “Fearsome Reputation” at level 7
  • Characters with the “Noble Adept” theme begin play with:
    • The boon “Resolve of the Inner Vault” at level 9
    • 1000 additional ceramic pieces
  • Characters with the “Templar” theme begin play with:
    • the boon “Awe of the Dragon’s Altar” at level 12
    • 2000 additional ceramic pieces
  • Procuring a painted miniature for the game grants:
    • The boon “Mental Block” at level 4

The Deck:
Finally, all PC’s should select a card from Deck of Badna to represent their self-image, and a second card to represent their place in the world. Make a note of these cards somewhere.

Character Creation

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