Tag: House Shuja


  • Shahzadi Shuja

    Raised to be strictly ornamental in a culture and caste that does not outwardly value accomplishment in women, and not tempermentally suited to be heir to her mother Padme's behind-the-scenes spy ring, Shahzadi Shuja decided to behave very badly indeed. …

  • Jahandar Shuja

    Jahandar Shuja spends most of his time in the neglected country estates of his House, leaving the true business of House Shuja to his wife Padme. What he does out there with his time is anyone's guess.

  • Padme Shuja

    Padme Shuja is the true power of House Shuja. She runs the Nawab House's extensive interests in Raam's lower classes from behind the polite fiction of her husband Jahandar. He is cold, ruthless, controlling, and despaired that her house would fall into …