The Reign of Dregoth

The Cadre Forms
The Star

Templar-Nawab Najaf of the House Shuja, high in the esteem of Dregoth’s High Templar, Mon Adderath, was instructed to assemble a team of a half-dozen individuals of compatible skill for a special task on behalf of the King. He called upon his elder sister, Shahzadi, and fellow Thrax Templar Eliphelet bin M’ke. Shahzadi in turn brought the Thri-Kreen gladiator Queri-Sed T’Ka’Cha who had, for reasons fully known only to her, attached herself to the human noblewoman. Shahzadi also purchased the freedom of Tyrian Minstrel Alekel, who had spent the last year as a slave in the arena. Eliphelet brought a half-giant ex-priestess of Badna named Dhaara, and the group was assembled.

Mon Adderath explained that His Royal Majesty, Dregoth, god-King of Raam, was bound by oath not to aggress his “lesser siblings” for a span of ten thousand years. Nevertheless, he had no intention of blinding himself to their machinations lest Raam follow Giustenal into destruction. To that end, Dregoth was assembling cells, teams, of competent individuals who might act covertly in the interests of the King and the city. All six assembled agreed to this service whereupon they were brought into Dregoth’s presence. The King was brusque, having inscribed an arcane sigil into the floor that burned with colorless fire. He seemed to have little personal interest in those assembled before him except to take exception to the inclusion of Queri-Sed. Mon Adderath soothed the testy King and Queri-Sed was permitted to linger at the edges of the ritual that gifted each of them with an unknown power that was both a weapon and a mark of ownership. They then departed the presence of the King with some alacrity.

A few days later, their first mission was given: The unmask that most secretive of organizations, the Night Runners. They were to discover any and all intelligence available on this mysterious elven crime syndicate, and could engage the aid of Nawab Maarham and his House, who were expecting agents of the Templarate to come to them for such aid. The six spent some time discussing methods of beginning their investigation, ultimately deciding on two teams. The first was to make inquiries with Nawab Maarham. The other was to begin in seedy establishments in an attempt to both learn of the Night Runners and possibly lure them out. Having established these outlines of a plan, they left to put it in motion.

XP: 2,000 each.
Total: 28,000


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