Lor Urdun-Mor

Nawab of House Urdun-Mor


The current Nawab Urdun-Mor is a calm-featured dwarf. His bluff, hairless body is nearly as wide as it is tall. He says little, but when he does speak, his deep voice cuts through all attempts to obscure it.


House Urdun-Mor has run Raam’s arenas as long as most people can remember. The more central power in Raam waned, the more House Urdun-Mor consolidated Mansabdar loyalties, slave-merchant contracts, and all the other support necessary to run the gladiatorial games in the city. Such games are, of course, immensely lucrative, but Abalach-Re’s waning templarate eventually lost even the illusion of control over them. Eventually, House Urdun-Mor attained a monopoly, and immense wealth.

When Dregoth conquered Raam, Lor Urdun-Mor didn’t hide in his fortified holdings, instead he marched himself with a small entourage laden with heavy chests directly to the palace where he calmly presented to a somewhat surprised Dregoth what amounted to contract negotiations. It is said that he did not so much as blink at the terrifying undead apparition, but rather explained that his House had run the arenas and the games for centuries, and that he would be happy to continue this service for the new King. He then presented Dregoth with hundreds of thousands of ceramic pieces, which Lor claimed had been Abalach-Re’s cut for the past few decades which she had never collected.

Such a combination of daring and extreme pragmatism impressed Dregoth and his court enough to permit House Urdun-Mor to continue as they always have, albeit with somewhat slimmer profit margins.

Lor Urdun-Mor

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