Apprentice to Dregoth, Lord High Arcanist of New Antalus


Taxma is a eunuch, swathed in concealing clothes. What flesh can be seen is sallow and sickly in appearance. Some whisper that he is really undead.


Taxma was once a “cerebromancer” in service to the dynastic merchant house Shom. He and his compatriots came into favor with Abalach-Re, however, and swept into power in New Antalus at its founding.

Taxma holds the title of “Lord-High Arcanist,” an ancient role important to the long-dead Empire of Antalus and retained in the new city-state. Less well known is this: Taxma is also an apprentice to Dregoth.

How he balances his loyalties to two Sorcerer-Monarchs who loathe each other is a great curiosity.

Taxma is rarely seen. It is said he continues to travel widely on mysterious errands of his own.


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