Former Elven Nawab


The Elven woman known as Shialha delighted in surprising her peers by dressing in an elegant, civilized fashion, preferably in impractical clothes and exotic luxury. She let her auburn hair grow long and took surprisingly well to the life of a ruthless Nawab warlord.


Shialha was a Nawab by right of power, cunning and wealth, forming her own Nawab House around her. Although caste mobility is hardly common, you can occasionally become accepted at whatever caste you can successfully claim for yourself, especially if you weren’t born in Raam, but have arrived and integrated into society from elsewhere.

Shialha rose into a position of extreme power and influence through her contacts with the fairly large elven under-class of Raam. She never claimed a clan or tribe name, but her “peers,” who looked askance at a dirty elf among them, would whisper nastily that she was no doubt a scion of the secretive and deadly Night Runner tribe, and that her power and influence came from assassins and thieves.

Even if that had been true, however, Shialha showed no particular favoritism, bestowing her noble protection over elves of any and all tribes who came to Raam to trade. She had Skysingers in her debt as well as Firehearts and even distant Wind-Dancers.

When Dregoth conquered the city, she gathered her retainers and household guards and came to the palace to swear her fealty to the new King. He slew her and all her people without so much as permitting her to speak. His only comment was that he was doing the nobility of Raam a favor. He killed her three children and two husbands and installed a Dray in her place. Needless to say, her elven power base evaporated leaving her replacement to search elsewhere for his support. The elves of Raam are understandably resentful that the only one of their number to ascend to such social heights was slain so casually by their new King.


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