Shadow King

Occluded Sorcerer-King of Nibenay


The enigmatic Nibenay, called the Shadow King by his subjects, appears as a tall man with black hair, olive skin, and piercing eyes… at least on those exceedingly rare moments when he shows himself to his people. Most “public appearances” are affairs orchestrated by his Templar-wives and overseen by either a statue of the king or a large tapestry.


Nibenay spends centuries at a stretch deeply secluded with his esoteric studies. His Templar-wives scour Athas for strange artifacts and arcane secrets which he hoards and pores over. His city was, until recently, left almost entirely in the hands of elaborate bureaucracies run by his many wives.

Recent events have forced Nibenay to tinker with the well-oiled machine of his ancient and powerful city. He has empowered the noble houses with limited legislative abilities and named a Regent, his First Consort Inanna, to take a more direct hand in matters while he is otherwise unavailable in study.

Shadow King

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