Padme Shuja

Matriarch of House Shuja


The matriarch of House Shuja has not aged well. The cares of effectively running her Nawab house have left her aged. She stays covered, as caste-protocol requires, except in the company of family or slaves, wearing clothes that are well made if slightly out of fashion.


Padme Shuja is the true power of House Shuja. She runs the Nawab House’s extensive interests in Raam’s lower classes from behind the polite fiction of her husband Jahandar. He is cold, ruthless, controlling, and despaired that her house would fall into ruin after she died. Her only surviving son was a pushover taken by Abalach-Re to be a Templar (and thus lost to his House). Her most promising daughter insists on a life of rebellion and the flouting of proper station and tradition.

The only bright spot in her ambitions for the next generation has come with the return of her son at Dregoth’s side, the traitor Templar who has, as a result, risen high in the new King’s esteem. Although Templars are still held aloof from their families, the division is less clear under the new King, and her son Najaf has made it clear that he intends to blur that line whenever and however he can.

Still, her chief hope is a House merger, granting the wealth and power of House Shuja as dowry for the marriage of Shahzadi to an eligible young heir of another house. It is too bad Shahzadi cares little for this plan.

Padme Shuja

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