Mon Adderath

High Templar to Dregoth the Undying, Dragon King of Raam


Mon Adderath is a regal-looking human man of quiet confidence. He dresses in simple but well-made clothes, eschewing ostentation. He prefers the quiet, subtle hand to the overt show of force.


When Dregoth came to Raam at the head of his conquering armies, there were two individuals at his right and left hands. Absalom, Dregoth’s Dray High Priest, head of the Dray species and leader of the Cult of the Dragon, and Mon Adderath the High Templar. The citizens of Raam could be forgiven for assuming that Absalom was the superior of the two. After all, the Priesthood of the Dragon is a far more visible and favored organization than the somewhat vestigial Templarate, and Absalom was a far more public figure in the purges and violent imposition of order in the city after the conquest.

Absalom was also the champion chosen by Dregoth to face down the armies of the five sorcerer-monarchs who marched upon Raam after the conquest. He died at the hands of Inanna, First Consort of the Shadow King of Nibenay, leaving Mon Adderath to continue as he always had, running Dregoth’s affairs for him, looking after Dregoth’s interests, just as he has for the last hundred-thousand years.

Mon Adderath

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