Jai Maarham

Nawab of House Maarham


The current Nawab Maarham is a human with striking, flint-colored eyes and salt-and-pepper hair that he wears long in a braid. His face and hands sport a number of small scars, perhaps knife-wounds. For all that he is of ruggedly advanced age, he moves as a highly-skilled fighter.


House Maarham was one of the first Nawab houses to seize upon the power of the criminal underworld. Over the last couple centuries, as Raam has become more and more factionalized and ill-run, House Maarham quickly abandoned any pretensions they may once have had as high-caste nobles and started buying criminal guilds and bringing them under their protection.

There were challenges, of course. The mysterious Night Runners elves were already deeply entrenched in Raam, but their own obsessive secrecy inhibited their ability to effectively counter the very public push by House Maarham to establish a power base amongst Raam’s criminal classes.

House Maarham and House Shialha had a strong rivalry, which most whispered arose from Night Runners loyalties on the part of the latter. When Dregoth slew Nawab Shialha and her entire house, Jai Maarham, the current Nawab, convincingly swore fealty to Dregoth and offered up his House’s knowledge of the criminal aspects of the city. He and House Maarham were spared, although Dregoth has yet to either purge the underworld or use House Maarham’s knowledge for more subtle purposes.

Jai Maarham

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