Elegant Proprietress of the Jeweled Scarab


Lenaya is a young-looking woman dressed in elegant, fine clothing. She is the picture of grace and comportment. She is renowned for her excellent memory of everyone who is anyone in Raam.


Lenaya is the most recent in a long line of Saddhu proprietors of the Jeweled Scarab. How a Saddhu family ended up sullying themselves with commerce is unknown, but for generations they have provided the finest hospitality and luxury accomodations in Raam. Lenaya, like her forebears, does not touch money, or even discuss it. She greets all of her guests with perfect etiquette, often by name, but is careful not to touch anyone or take other acts that might sully her spiritually. She is the smiling face while her small army of loyal underlings takes care of her guests’ every need.


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