Khalid Hanafi

Templar to Dregoth, former House Hanafi Nawab Patriarch


Khalid Hanafi is a Kaisharga, a potent undead in service to Dregoth. His eyes burn with a lambent light and sinister power seems to pour from him… that is, when he isn’t disguised as a non-descript low-ranking Templar in the depths of the Ivory Palace.


Khalid Hanafi was once a dignified older man, Patriarch to the Nawab noble house, father to Padme Shuja, grandfather to Shahzadi and Najaf Shuja. During Dregoth’s conquest, he sought to save his House from certain destruction and paid the ultimate price… his life, and eternal service to the new King. Now he heads up Dregoth’s internal spy service under the guise of a low-ranking functionary.

Khalid Hanafi

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