Corpse Broker


Jia is a stocky woman with Balican features and a faint Balican accent. She wears scuffed boiled-leather armour and an iron-headed war pick. She appears to be a hard-bitten warrior, an image that belies her clear supernatural power.


Jia is a named whispered in dread even by the lowest scum of Raam’s Low District. For those criminal enterprises who have begun dealing in the trade of illegally acquired (or created) corpses, she is loathed, feared, and well-paid. Those who do not give her a cut of the profits from the corpse trade end up… mysteriously eviscerated.

In her first meeting with the agents of Dregoth, she revealed that she had the capacity to prevent (or seriously inhibit) attempts to resurrect the dead, or dedicate their souls to the ancestors. This blasphemous notion was both horrifying, and intriguing. She also demonstrated the capacity to step into the mysterious dimension known as the Gray and to command undead.


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