Amoral Telepath, Faculty at the Psiumarkh


Ismail appears to be a mid-30’s man with black hair and well-trimmed facial hair. He is charming in an oily sort of way, and cannot resist lascivious glances at pretty much any female he encounters.


Ismail is reputed to be around 70 years old. He has developed a very unusual psionic talent, however. He can implant into another person a “seed” of his own mind which lies quiescent until he should die. At the point, the seed grows into him, transforming the host body in the process, albeit at the point in his life when the seed was implanted not the time he died. He commonly loses memories, and apparently, occasionally, a number of years through this process. He apparently has a bad habit of getting himself killed.

He is known to have had a relationship with Temmnya Shom of Nibenay, the favored daughter of that merchant house’s patriarchy, until their mutual business arrangements with the Night Runner elves got the both of them killed. In his case, it was temporary.


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