First Consort of the Shadow King, High Templar and Regent of Nibenay


Inanna appears, most of the time, as a shriveled, kindly old woman of advanced years, shrouded in layers of silk in contravention of her high Templar rank. On those rare occasions when she must reveal her power in judgment, the silks blow aside to reveal a young woman of alien beauty, gray skin, and eyes that glow like rubies. Blood drips from the talons on the ends of her fingers. Her extreme power is an almost tangible wind.


Lei Huan served the Shadow King of Nibenay since she was a young girl of 14. House Huan, one of the more influential and powerful noble houses of Nibenay, granted her to the King to become one of his many wives nearly a century ago. For the vast majority of that time, she toiled in obscurity. Her name relatively unknown to the populace. In truth, her noble upbringing made her a skilled operative in the secret police of the Temple of King’s Law. Under a variety of cover guises, she monitored Nibenay’s underworld for her husband, eschewing the fame and fortune of High Consort rank. She grew old in quiet obscurity, cultivating younger Templar-wives and acting as a mentor to those she deemed worthy.

A couple of years ago, however, Lei Huan, in her advanced years, was plucked from obscurity and promoted to High Consort of the Temple of War. This shook up the Templarate of Nibenay. Why did the king choose this nobody from an entirely different Temple to head all of Nibenay’s military operations? Did it have something to do with the massive, secret ritual beneath the Naggaramakam on the night of the Assalia festival? What of the second ritual a season later during the festival of Dessalia where it is said strange red-robed priests appeared in the city only to vanish once more?

Whatever the truth, elderly Lei Huan was sent to lead the armies of the Shadow King to confront Dregoth before the gates of Raam. It was Lei Huan who defeated the champions of four other sorcerer-monarchs for the right to challenge Dregoth’s high priest. It was Lei Huan who destroyed that high priest, Absalom, consuming his soul and imposing on Dregoth the terms under which he exists in Raam to this day. It was Lei Huan who, upon returning to Nibenay, took the name “Inanna” and became the First Consort to the King, placed above all other High Consorts to rule in the King’s name during his increasingly lengthy seclusions.


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