Gaurav Kelas

Distinguished Half-Giant Saddhu, Dhaara's Uncle


Gaurav Kelas is an aging half-giant who still cuts a fine figure. He is a Saddhu, and strictly adheres to all the proper rites, including in his dress. He wears simple white linen and sandals, with a crimson-dyed cord hanging against his skin from his right shoulder and down to the left side of his waist.


Gaurav is Dhaara’s estranged uncle. He is attempting to build bridges between her and her parents by attempting to convince her to return to her caste duties and obligations now that her time with the Cult of Badna has come to a close. He has gone so far as to help her imprison a Night Runner elf in his house, something which must not have been particularly comfortable for him. He is a potent telekinetic, with a mastery of a variety of psionic rituals.

Gaurav Kelas

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