Undead Dragon-King of Raam


Dregoth arrived at the gates of Raam at the head of a vast army of undead and Dray. He was a massive, draconic creature of rotting flesh and exposed bone seeding terror in all who saw him. To this day, Raam is filled with strong rumor that their new ruler is, in fact, THE Dragon.

Since the conquest, however, Dregoth’s few public appearances have been much more subdued. He has presented himself as a dignified man, albeit obviously undead, dressed in fine robes of state.


Dregoth was once the sorcerer-king of a mighty city-state called Giustenal on the shores of the Sea of Silt northeast of the Ivory Triangle and southeast of Raam. Of all the sorcerer-kings, he was perhaps the most powerful… or at least the most dangerous. Millenia ago, Abalach-Re unified her fractious fellows and made war upon Dregoth for reasons that have long-since been forgotten. His city was destroyed and he was slain.

Death, however, was not the end for Dregoth. He spent millenia lurking in subterranean chambers beneath the ruins of Giustenal enacting bizarre sorceries on captives, animating the failed rejects into undead soldiers. He sent members of his new, draconic race known as the Dray out into the world to infiltrate the other city-states under the guise of the “Cult of the Dragon.” He laid the groundwork carefully and cunningly for his return, starting his conquests with the city of his most-hated enemy, Abalach-Re.

Upon conquering Raam, however, he discovered that his rival Kings and Queens had not been idle. Five sorcerer-monarchs sent armies to besiege Raam. The Shadow-King of Nibenay, especially, demonstrated through his chosen champion a great deal of power beyond Dregoth’s understanding. The siege lifted in detente. Dregoth committed to taking no aggressive action against the other Kings and Queens for a minimum of ten thousand years. In exchange, Dregoth was left the rule of Raam. He seems to be making the best of it.


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