Son and Heir to Tectuktitlay of Draj


Atzetuk is a thin-faced man of haughty demeanor. He dresses in the battle finery of a Jasuan Knight of the highest rank as befits the favored child of the Father of Life.


Atzetuk’s origins are nearly as mythologized as those of his father. It is said that the Father of Life saw that his people needed a divine bridge, a half-mortal to intercede on their behalf with his divine father. Tectuktitlay declared a great sacrifice, where those noble women of exceeding devotion would place themselves upon the altar, giving their lives until the Father of Life should find one of sufficient purity of spirit. The name and identity of the woman he chose remain curiously unknown.

Atzetuk has been his father’s foremost military general and presumed “heir” for the last dozen years or so, appearing virtually from nowhere. It is said that his childhood was spent on the moons Ral and Guthay learning secret arts from those celestial bodies. The High Moon Priest of Tectuktitlay, Maxlixoco, a more pedestrian son of the King and a withered man of 80, is said to hate Atzetuk with a passion, but his devotion to his father-god keeps the reasons for that hatred behind sealed lips.


The Reign of Dregoth ardhanari