AkuNu Dark Moon

Outcast Assassin of the Dark Moon Tribe


AkuNu Dark Moon has seen better days. He is wasted from malnutrition, has open sores, and a listless, careless look in his eye.


AkuNu was once a high-ranking Dark Moon. A couple of years ago he was entrusted to lead an expedition of Night Runners to Nibenay to infiltrate and destabilize that city’s native underworld factions in preparation for a Night Runner push to establish a foothold there. Within a week, however, AkuNu was abducted and replaced by one of the legendary Khayal who sabotaged the entire operation, including ordering the mass murder of Sky Singer elves in Nibenay’s elven market. This has sparked a blood feud that simmers until this day.

More curiously, the Khayal eventually restored AkuNu to consciousness and let him go free to take the fall. Although the truth of the matter was eventually revealed, AkuNu suffered the ostracism of his Clan anyway, under the theory that, as he was in charge, he was responsible, and should have taken steps to avoid being captured and replaced. Now he lives a meaningless existence in the Ghost City, looked after by the untouchable tanner Nanda Shatri for her own purposes.

AkuNu Dark Moon

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