Exiled Sorcerer-Queen of Raam


Abalach-Re typically appeared to her subjects as a beautiful woman with black hair and dusky, olive skin. It is said that her arcane research tends toward the study of physical, biological perfection. She often dressed in revealing, often see-through attire and exuded an almost sinister sexuality.


For the most distant memories of countless generations Abalach-Re was the “Grand Vizier” of the city-state of Raam. She ruled with a certain indolent neglect that was widely interpreted as incompetence. For centuries, Raam teetered at the very edge of anarchy between rival noble factions, the beleaguered templars, criminal organizations, and merchant interests. She claimed to be the “Grand Vizier” of a divine entity known as Badna, and mandated worship of Badna in every temple and shrine in the city. Her cynical populace, however, were of the majority opinion that Badna was entirely a fictitious construct created to provide a convenient excuse for the ineptness of her rule.

Mere mortals had long forgotten that Abalach-Re was once a military tactician to rival the great Hamanu of Urik himself. It was she who first recognized the threat of Dregoth. It was she who rallied the other sorcerer-monarchs to unite against him despite their deep-seated rivalries. It was she who led this fractious alliance to destroy Dregoth and his city-state of Giustenal. Her city teetered at the edge of anarchy not because she was incompetent, but rather because she had long since ceased to care. Millenia of existence had left her deeply bored with the tedium of running a city-state. She let it lapse into its anarchic state more because the near-chaos would at least occasionally be interesting. She used her sorcerous arts to seed her city with “children,” biologically-manipulated human-seeming creatures that acted as her agents, spies, hands and eyes. She commonly even fomented rebellion against herself out of boredom.

This ennui blinded her to Dregoth’s return. He infiltrated and then conquered Raam with impressive speed and powerful shock troops consisting of undead and a new, draconic race created by his own mysterious sorceries. She fled into exile and found temporary respite with her ally, the Shadow-King of Nibenay, before events in the ruins of Kalidnay caught her attention. Once again, the military mind emerged. Calling on ancient pacts with the Gith and drawing on alliances across the Seven Cities, she rallied an army and destroyed a great evil. She then began the process of rebuilding Kalidnay into the city-state of “New Antalus” which she continues to rule, albeit distantly, to this day.


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