Aasif Maarham

Scion of House Maarham, Beau of Shahzadi


Aasif Maarham is a reasonably attractive, fit and athletic man in his low thirties. Unlike many nawabs Raam, he has spent much of his life traveling, and has the tan and martial skills to match.


As the youngest son of Jai Maarham, Aasif had much more freedom to explore his wanderlust than his older siblings who were expected to carry on the Maarham name and build Maarham interests in Raam. Aasif accompanied Maarham mercantile interests through the wastes, visiting other cities and seeing the world. His love of the wild places has reflected somewhat in the sympathy and pacts he has apparently forged with various elemental spirits. In combat he can take such spirits into himself, granting him the power of primal forces to ward away harm and protect himself and his fellows. He has been mooted as a possible husband for Shahzadi Shuja under the condition that he would be the junior partner in the marriage, thus preserving House Shuja’s continuity through the female line. He seems reasonably amenable to that so far.

Aasif Maarham

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