The Reign of Dregoth

Trek to Tyr

The Priest

  • Najaf learned from Mon Adderath why Dregoth had been killed in the first place… he had been aspiring to use an (unnamed) artifact, along with the Pristine Tower, to become a god, a divine being capable of bypassing the Black, and therefore challenging the Dragon for cosmic supremacy. The other monarchs killed him because they feared such a confrontation between Dregoth and the Dragon would destroy them all. In the course of the conversation, Najaf learned a lot about what motivates Mon Adderath for future use.
  • There was much discussion about Dhaara’s would-be fiance, who clearly sees her as something of a prophet and divine emissary. Dhaara put off making a decision.
  • They prepared to depart for Tyr. Queri’Sed educated them on an ancient Thri-Kreen proverb that resulted in them drugging her into a stupor for the duration of their travels.
  • Najaf summoned a Cloud Ray, which they rode for the many days and nights across the wastes.
  • They opted to investigate the Dragon’s Bowl, an immense sinkhole within 10 miles of Urik, but which had a dark and mysterious reputation.
  • They met the druid who guards the Dragon’s Bowl, a female Mul named Kel, named in Old Tyrian. She and Alekel had a brief linguistic chat.
  • She expressed interest in Najaf’s strange new magic. While she still clearly considered arcane magic to be “unnatural” she did not disapprove of any such magic that created new life rather than destroying it. She permitted them all to partake of her oasis before moving on. Najaf convinced her to let an emissary of Oronis visit at some later date.
  • The flew wide of the armies encamped to the NE of Tyr.
  • They arrived at Tyr and judged the social and economic climate, and found it… precarious
  • They met Narl, King Tithian’s “High Templar of the Household”
  • They met (again) Sumita, the street-thief they hired to be a smuggler, who by virtue of location, became Dregoth’s Templar and emissary to King Tithian. She debriefed them all on the various factions and politics of this city-under-siege.
  • Narl arrived to tell them that the King would See Them Now…

XP: 4,000
Total: 183,000



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