The Reign of Dregoth


The Dead

No more than five minutes after Mon Adderath left the chambers of his former agents, Narl, the Mul avatar of the spirits of the Ziggurat arrived at the door. Upon being let in, his eyes began to glow, and he proclaimed his identity as the “Lion of Urik” and attacked them.

The Lion of Urik was a mighty foe, but the agents ultimately drove him from Narl’s body.

Moving quickly, Najaf, Alekel and Dhaara began a soul-dedication ritual. They recognized that when King Hamanu had infiltrated templars into the Ziggurat, they must have ritually sacrificed one of his champions as a poison pill, an infiltrated spirit working within the Ziggurat. Calling upon the knowledge of Dhaara’s fiery ancestor, as well as their own arcane sensibilities, they successfully pulled the spirit out of the Ziggurat, using Narl’s body as a focus, and cast it into the Elemental Chaos to be transformed in fire.

Templar Sumita ran up, concerned, and was informed about Hamanu’s attempt at assassination without all the details of Narl’s secrets. Mon Adderath emerged near her, much to her shock and surprise, and was similarly briefed.

It would appear that Mon Adderath’s presence in the Ziggurat triggered certain defenses, or at least moved up Hamanu’s timetable. After sending Sumita and Narl away, the agents conferred once more with Mon Adderath on the subject of their new allegiance. He indicated a tentative willingness to accept that, notwithstanding their betrayal, they do in fact hold a means by which Dregoth can achieve his ultimate goals… provided enough trust can be built between Mon Adderath and Oronis of Kurn to permit the plan to be enacted. Najaf agreed to broker a meeting on neutral ground, namely the Pristine Tower, between Oronis and one Second, and Mon Adderath with one Second.

Before that could be arranged, however, the matter of Tyr’s standoff with Urik needed to be resolved. Najaf brokered an agreement, sworn between Gosi Kokoros, Templar of Balic, with Mon Adderath wherein Mon Adderath, on behalf of Dregoth, promised to destroy Proctor Drelto, the undead force protecting New Antalus, in exchange for an army from Balic.

With that agreement solemnified, King Tithian permitted Dregoth’s undead to finally enter Tyr in order to safeguard the city from the army from Balic that was imported via the teleportation circle beneath the Golden Palace.

As Najaf collapsed from holding open a teleportation circle for so long, a representative from New Antalus, famed bard Michaelis Taliodoros, arrived at their suite. In conversation with Queri-Sed, Alekel, Shahzadi, and Dhaara, he learned of the deal with Balic, and the threat to his own city, and mused aloud as to how best to survive what was coming. Either way, he didn’t appear to hold it against them personally.

Later that evening, all the diplomatic luminaries met atop the ziggurat to watch the armies march. There was some discussion as to whom the Champion of the allied force would be should Hamanu sue for trial by champion. The Agents recommended themselves. Alekel, after all, is Tyrian with a vested interest in the city’s future, and the rest were Raamese. Templar Kokoros suggested adding a combatant from Balic to the mix, and to have a six-person team of champions to fight Urik’s six-person team.

A few days later, Hamanu sent formal representatives to negotiate just that. In formalities binding Hamanu, as well as Balic and Raam (and Tyr, but it was clear that Hamanu doesn’t consider Tithian a “real” king), the six-person squads of champions were agreed to. The terms were this:

Should Hamanu’s champions win, the armies of Tyr, Raam, and Balic would stand down, and Tithian would either abdicate his claims, or swear fealty as Templar to Hamanu, who would annex Tyr as part of his territory.

Should the allied champions win, Hamanu is to withdraw to Urik and shall not aggress Tyr, Raam, OR Balic for ten thousand years.

The Agents have three days to prepare to fight to the death for the future of Tyr.

XP: 23rd Level.



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