The Reign of Dregoth

A Garden Party

The Merchant

  • The Agents returned to Raam and managed to report the death of Taxma to Mon Adderath without getting in trouble, or revealing that they were now double-agents working against Dregoth.
  • They learned from their families how things were going with the Children of the Dragon
  • They brought Safa into their double-agency. They warned their respective families to start making plans to flee the city if things should go awry
  • They met with Usuch-Si to discuss their new agenda. They learned that King Tithian of Tyr’s Court Wizard was a life-mage, trained in Kurn, and therefore a secret ally for when they go to Tyr on Dregoth’s behalf… but she may need to try to assassinate them to keep that connection secret… no offense. They got permission to bring Safa in, and to ultimately send her to Kurn, as well as permission to evacuate their families to Kurn if necessary.
  • Queri-Sed told her “husband” that he needed to go on an epic overland quest to fertilize her eggs in a secret paradise-city guarded by an insect-god. She pretty much told him exactly how to get to Kurn.
  • Everyone else became worried about Queri-Sed’s ability to keep a secret, and discovered that her “husband” Dej’kak’s departure had alerted the curiosity of Kalyani Shom
  • Queri’Sed enlisted the aid of Shia Tolon to throw an immense party in the Garden of Benevolence in honor of the unveiling of the statue Queri’Sed had commissioned from Usuch-Si. Everyone was encouraged to bring a date.
    • Alekel brought Sita, the Sitar player he had met at the Jeweled Scarab, making her husband all defensive and jealous
    • Safa brought her eldest brother
    • Najaf brought Fatima Hassan, one of the Offspring, and scion of the Hassan nawab house.
    • Shahzadi brought her husband Aasif
    • Dhaara brought the young Saddhu her family was trying to set her up with, a scrawny young half-giant named Shah Khan.
  • All parties worked to make the party a rousing success, and Alekel started a new fad for Thri-kreen music. Mon Adderath even made an appearance.

XP: 4,000
Total: 179,000



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